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equalizent è stata fondata nel 2004 e si concentra in 4 principali aree di interesse: persone sorde, sordastre, lingua dei segni, e gestione delle diversità.

La formazione e il concetto aziendale di equalizent sono unici in Europa.

Attraverso vari servizi di formazione e di consulenza, equalizent aiuta persone sorde e sordastre, nonchè persone con altre disabilità, a trovare lavoro. Un terzo dei membri dello staff sono persone sorde. Questo significa che i tirocinanti non udenti sono formati da coetanei sordi.

equalizent organizza l’annuale Diversity Ball: un evento accessibile che si svolge a Vienna, in Austria. equalizent ha inoltre fondato HANDS UP, un’esibizione interattiva, che sensibilizza sul mondo dei Sordi.

Per maggiori informazioni su equalizent: (in tedesco, lingua dei segni austriaca e inglese).


DeafStudio is a civic association, founded in December 2008 by 5 deaf youth looking to educate, inform, sensitise and raise awareness about the culture and needs of Deaf communities.

DeafStudio aims to preserve the cultural assets of deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as offering support for the education of deaf people. Through its projects and activities, the organisation wants to provide inspiration for the deaf community and the community as a whole.

DeafStudio works in the following areas: educational and vocational activities, advisory and consultancy activities; cultural and training activities; raising awareness and sensitisation through seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops, practical meetings, sports and recreational activities; raising professional levels of citizens, parents, students, children and the public through training and workshops; and cooperating with educators and students of educational institutions.

For more information about DeafStudio: (in Slovak)

Istituto dei Sordi di Torino

L’Istituto dei Sordi di Torino è un’organizzazione non governativa fondata nel XIX secolo per fornire sostegno alle persone con problemi di udito (sordi, ciechi e sordociechi) e per formare i loro insegnanti. L’Istituto si trova a Pianezza, nel Nord-Ovest d’Italia e fornisce vari tipi di supporto tra cui l’assistenza quotidiana, alloggi assistiti, apprendimento assistito, i laboratori socioriabilitativi (pittura, cucina, cinema, attività sportive), formazione professionale per persone con disabilità.  L’Istituto è molto esperto in Progetti Erasmus.

Per maggiori informazioni sull’Istituto dei Sordi di Torino:  (in italiano e inglese)


We support various groups, non-profit organizations and civic associations of adult and youth people who are sign language users. This category includes deaf, hard of hearing, interpreters and youth people who have various other disabilities and are proficient in sign language.

Our aim is to create innovative and productive solutions for the development of sign language users. Our company strives to support youth sign language users in their growth and development, to help pass on the right tools needed for youth and organizations to grow. The next journey, the continuation is then up to them. That’s how our logo depicts it – a few steps together, then they need to step out on their own. The colour green is a symbol of growth, development, and a wish for success. This is the vision of our company that we want to develop. To be partners with the people who are doing the work and with the organisations that are (co-)working with the people who are doing the work.

For more information about Innosign: (in Slovak)

Dennis Hoogeveen Consultancy

DHC was founded by Dennis Hoogeveen and focuses on three work domains: project management, accessibility and trainings.

Dennis has a lot of experience managing projects and arranging funding on national and European level. He is also a Deaf interpreter and translates documents and movies for various clients such as the Dutch government, Dovenschap (National Association of the Deaf in the Netherlands), European Commission, International Disability Alliance and so on. As an interpreter, he also visits various locations and works at two museums as a museum guide.

Originally Dennis is a teacher and he worked at the Deaf school in Netherlands. His teaching skills is also put to use in developing and giving trainings for Deaf youth and adults and covers various topics such as human rights, non-formal education, organisation management, project management, etc. 

For more information about Dennis Hoogeveen Consultancy: (in Dutch)

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