equalizent was founded in 2004 and has 4 main areas of focus: people who are deaf; people who are hard of hearing; Sign Language; and diversity management.

equalizent’s training and company concept are unique in Europe.

Through various training and advisory services, equalizent supports people who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as people with other disabilities, to find work. A third of staff members are deaf. This means that deaf trainees are trained by deaf peers. 

equalizent organises the annual Diversity Ball – an accessible event which takes place in Vienna, Austria. equalizent also founded HANDS UP, an interactive exhibition, raising awareness about the Deaf world.

For more information about equalizent: (in German and English)

Centrum Vizualizace A Interaktivity Vzdelavani, s.r.o.

CVIV is a private company, developing software for training and education, creating interactive multimedia products, educational video programmes and multimedia training products, especially oriented towards the training needs of older persons and people with disabilities.

CVIV is active in the field of inclusive education. The primary target groups are people with disabilities and older people. CVIV collaborates closely with partners within the Czech Republic and abroad.

For more than a decade, CVIV staff has worked on projects in the fields of inclusive education and inclusive employment. CVIV project outputs are geared towards disseminating best practice examples of inclusive education and employment.

For more information about CVIV: (in Czech and English)

Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz

The Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz gGmbH was founded in 1992 by the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Eltern für Integration e.V. in Hamburg (a local association of parents working towards social integration of people with disabilities – itself founded in 1982).
The aim of the Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz is to improve vocational integration for people who are at a particular disadvantage on the general labour market due to the type and severity of their disability. These are especially people with learning difficulties and multiple disabilities.
Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz is geared towards the concept of “supported employment” and hence towards vocational integration within companies on the general labour market.

For more information about Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz: German)


DeafStudio is a civic association, founded in December 2008 by 5 deaf youth looking to educate, inform, sensitise and raise awareness about the culture and needs of Deaf communities.

DeafStudio aims to preserve the cultural assets of deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as offering support for the education of deaf people. Through its projects and activities, the organisation wants to provide inspiration for the deaf community and the community as a whole.

DeafStudio works in the following areas: educational and vocational activities, advisory and consultancy activities; cultural and training activities; raising awareness and sensitisation through seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops, practical meetings, sports and recreational activities; raising professional levels of citizens, parents, students, children and the public through training and workshops; and cooperating with educators and students of educational institutions.

For more information about DeafStudio: (in Slovak)

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