About the project

Career Paths Inclusive is an Erasmus+ project to design, develop and test digital multimedia career guidance tools in Sign Language. Deaf youth are able to plan their career paths unaided in their first language, and are empowered and informed in their choice of future career.

Children and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing face many barriers in education, training and employment. Despite many advances in recent years, adequate bilingual education in Sign language and written language is still not available in most European countries. This means in practice that many deaf children acquire only lower literacy levels and there are few bilingual resources available to them.

The availability of career guidance tools in Sign Language enables deaf youth to decide for themselves, plan and experiment in their first language, thereby facilitating greater self-determination and inclusion.

There will be two work packages:

CHECK YOUR PROFILE is an online generator providing suggestions for fields of work based on a series of questions in Sign Language and plain language on the user’s interests, strengths and weaknesses.

CAREER PATHS TOOLKIT is a multimedia toolkit enabling users to gain insight into a specific occupation via additional barrier free information in Sign Language and plain language.

The tools will be available in the following Sign Languages: Austrian, Czech, Slovak and German, as well as German, Czech and Slovak written languages. The use of plain language and focus on visual presentation means that the tools can be used by other groups such as people with intellectual disabilities or hearing youth wishing to acquire Sign Language skills and competencies. The tools can be used in integrative and vocational schools, as well as by organisations offering employment services, counselling and support throughout Central Europe.

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